Liveable Compact Cities Project

Principles for designing sustainable medium density infill housing for subtropical South-East Queensland.


Funded by

  • South-East Queensland Council of Mayors as part of the larger Liveable Compact Cities Project.

The Liveable Compact Cities Project will help SEQ Councils plan for 374,000 new infill dwellings required under the SEQ Regional Plan by 2031, still ensuring that SEQ is a liveable, sustainable and prosperous region.

Campbell Newman, Councillor and Council of Mayors (SEQ) Chairman

Design guidelines were prepared for 4-8 storey apartment buildings in a suburban infill context that embrace the sub-tropical environmental conditions of the South-East Queensland Region. The project involved design studies in the area of Cleveland that produced illustrated guidelines for 10 principles of site-responsive and climate-responsive medium-density housing developments. The emphasis is on simple initiatives to improve liveability and sustainability in dwellings and the surrounding urban environment. The case-study designs and other preliminary design models provide examples of possible/exemplar outcomes and illustrate the composite nature of design thinking. The primary audience for the guidelines is developers and planners involved in assessing development applications.