Mobile Stroke Imager

Early visualisation of the Micro-X Stroke Imager deployed in an ambulance.

A lightweight mobile stroke imager designed to fit into standard ambulances and provide faster stroke diagnosis at the point of care.



  • Anthony Skeats
    Chris Delnooz
    Brian Gonzales
    Thomas McSkimming

Partner organisation

  • Micro-X Ltd

Funded by

  • Micro-X Ltd

The lightweight and compact design of the stroke imager will change the way we respond to stroke emergencies by allowing medical professionals to image, diagnose and treat faster than ever.

Dr Nyein Chan Aung

Stroke is a leading cause of death and long-term disability in Australia and the second highest cause of death globally. Stroke is treatable but time-critical. The “golden hour” is the vital time window after stroke onset for receiving diagnosis and treatment to give patients the best chance of survival and recovery.

The introduction of a small CT scanner into ambulances would ensure the appropriate treatment can be provided earlier, improving patient outcomes and reducing long-term healthcare costs.

Monash Design Health Collab is designing the device in partnership with Micro-X, the only company to have commercialised carbon nanotube emitter technology (CNT) in x-ray imaging.

Micro-X’s ‘Ring Scanner’ technology aims to provide comparable diagnostic imaging to a conventional head CT scanner in a unit intentionally designed to be small enough and at a price point where one can be fitted in every ambulance.

The ‘Ring Scanner’ will also be light enough to be deployed in fixed or rotary-wing air ambulances.

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