18 Innovation Walk

18 Innovation Walk, 2017

Monash University Clayton

This project was the outcome of a collaboration with Kosloff Architecture and RushWright Associates. It was initiated in response to the deterioration of the Modernist brick façade of a building designed by Stephenson & Turner (1968-70), which houses the Science and Psychology Faculties at Monash University's Clayton Campus. The construction and implementation of a new skin enabled a shading solution, the retention of thermal mass and limited building waste. Concurrently with this, the project also provides a contribution to the University's Public Arts Strategy.

MAP proposed multiple iterations and interruptions to the new architectural skin being developed. The final outcome gently lifts the building curtain to reveal a gradient of orange toned glazed brick snaps, and to make room for a giant steel entrance that is essentially an oversized beaker fallen on its side with liquid pouring out of it.

Team members
Andre Bonnice
Callum Morton

Photos: Derek Swalwell