PhD CRC-P: DfMA for Building Production

Capstone Prototype at Monash University Clayton. Photo by Melissa Cowan.

Investigating how the manufacturing concept DfMA might be applied to the design and production of buildings.

PhD candidate

  • Ivana Kuzmanovska



  • Dr Duncan Maxwell

Partner organisations

  • Lendlease
  • DesignMake

Funded by

  • Cooperative Research Centre Project (CRC-P) for Innovation in Advanced Multi-Storey Housing Manufacture

The project examines the recent phenomenon of DfMA as a concept and practice in the discourse around the future of building.

The research investigates:

  • DfMA in its original manufacturing context;
  • how it has been transposed to the field of building production;
  • the challenges resulting from contextual differences in this translation across industries;
  • and how we might move towards an approach more suited to the production of buildings.