Processes for Developing Affordable and Sustainable Medium-density Housing Models for Greyfield Precincts

Sustainable regeneration for Melbourne’s middle suburbs.


Funded by

  • The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, data supplied by the Department of Human Services

To continue applying 20th century solutions to a 21st century urban problem will not deliver cities that are competitive, productive, liveable and environmentally sustainable.

Professor Peter Newton, Swinburne University of Technology

This project investigated the strategic potential of government-owned housing land with ageing building stock that is in need of redevelopment. The research addressed a range of questions around the extent to which innovative dwelling and urban design can better meet social housing needs and play a role in the broader renewal of suburbs in our major cities. Investigations revealed a range of replicable conditions and strategies for enhancing the redevelopment of dispersed public housing land in middle suburban locations. The project highlights design as an effective vehicle for engaging the community with urban renewal strategies in their neighbourhoods, soliciting local knowledge and insightful, positive dialogue around the potentiality of well-designed, transformative and sustainable urban change. Precinct-scaled design strategies have the potential to cohere the interests of the local community, local government authorities and community housing associations.

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