Contentious Cities: Design and the Gendered Production of Space

Unique interdisciplinary approaches to understanding gendered spatial equity in the urban environment.

This edited book offers new insights regarding the representation of cities, the lived experience of cities, and how design-tactics and approaches might affect the ways cities shape and regulate how women and people of diverse gender and sexual identity inhabit, occupy and move through the city.

Dr Jess Berry

This book positions design as a central component in how cities produce, construct, represent and materialise gendered spatial practices, it brings together practice and theory to critique, question and enable solutions that challenge the root causes of gender inequalities in cities. Through a rich array of case-studies, practice-led interventions, and historical and theoretical perspectives, it examines important issues that affect the ways in which women, and people of diverse gender and sexual identities experience and participate in cities.

Published by Routledge, 2021. ISBN 9780367520199

You can find the book on the Routledge website. Available in both paperback and hardcover.



  • Marrz Saludez Balaoro, activist, Hong Kong
  • Merve Bedir, Hong Kong University
  • Simona Castricum, University of Melbourne
  • Maddy Coy, University of Florida
  • Bianca Fileborn, University of Melbourne
  • Komal Faiz, UX Researcher Lahore
  • Roberto Perez Gayo, designer, Netherlands
  • Yong Adilah Shamsul Harumain, University of Malaya
  • Tegan Larin, Monash University
  • Justine Lloyd, Macquarie University
  • Gabriel A. Maher, designer Netherlands
  • Lo Marshall, The Bartlett School of Architecture
  • Brian Martin, Monash University
  • Deana McDonagh, University of Illinois
  • Amy Tooth, Murphy University of London
  • Nikmatul Adha, Nordin University of Malaya
  • Meagan Tyler, RMIT University
  • Olivier Vallerand, Arizona State University
  • Andree Woodcock, Covenry University
  • Stathis G Yeros, University of California