Future Healthcare

This Monash-led interdisciplinary initiative is at the intersection of university, healthcare, community, government and industry.

Monash Art, Design and Architecture is a leading partner of the Monash Future Healthcare initiative, which aims to address the challenges of complex health ecosystems by leveraging Monash's deep sector expertise and research through an interdisciplinary co-design process.

We bring our unique skills and perspectives to the table to co-design new healthcare systems and technologies with various partners, including the World Health Organisation, Oxfam, Monash Health, Cabrini Health, Alfred Health, Micro X, Health Direct Australia, Victorian Department of Health, and Turning Point.

Our focus is on developing technology design and integration approaches, frameworks, and tools to support healthcare workforces, consumer-led insights to drive commissioning of new models, systems, and spaces for care, and tangible approaches to drive future preparedness, reduce costs, and build resilience in health systems.

We play a critical role in driving innovation and shaping the future of healthcare.

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