E-Hub vehicle re-charge stations

This research project sought to speculate on how different types of mobility from bicycles to cars could share a re-charge station.

The growth in e-vehicles of various types is stimulating interest in developing re-charge amenities. These ‘hubs’ will eventually become part of the urban fabric in the way that service stations have for better part of the past century. Only in a cleaner and much more benign way.


The Mobility Design Lab is investigating a variety of ways that re-charging can contribute to a decarbonised mobility network. From charging at home to creating locations as in this project that service a variety of vehicle types; e-scooters, e-bikes and e-cars. The roof canopy provides additional energy through solar panels and can angle to face the direction of the prevailing wind and so augment any grid-based energy supply. This project was undertaken by two MADA Industrial Design intern students during the final year of their bachelor program.