Exploring community participation with the Melbourne digital city model

Investigating how a dynamic visualisation platform can help to better inform and enable our community to participate in city planning.

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The Melbourne Digital City Model aims to facilitate a more complex understanding of metropolitan level planning in our community. It will enable more sophisticated conversations about density, amenity and urban change and the trade-offs associated with these changes. The survey, as part of this research project, aims to capture the benefits and challenges of the Digital Model for community planning participation.

Monash Urban Planning and Design researchers have built the Melbourne Digital City Model pilot, which uses Sunshine west and Melbourne’s city planning policy of 20minute neighbourhood as a case study. The model lets the user see how the 20-minute neighbourhood evaluates the opportunities and challenges in Sunshine West and explore a series of dynamic scenarios across the suburb that align with this policy.

We invite you to take part in this research project and complete the 8-minute survey on your experiences with the model.

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A smart urban research-synthesis-engagement platform for decision making.

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Melbourne Digital City Model

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