Infrastructure Governance Incubator: From Strategic Planning to Project Delivery

Developing a governance model to build connections between infrastructure planning and strategic urban planning.


  • Associate Professor Liton Kamruzzaman
    Monash Art, Design and Architecture
  • Associate Professor Tooran Alizadeh
    Associate Professor Glen Searle
    University of Sydney
  • Dr Crystal Legacy
    University of Melbourne

Funded by

  • The Henry Halloran Trust

Infrastructure plays a vital role both in Australian economy and social well-being. However, often they lack social licenses to operate. This study streamlines the infrastructure planning process to better articulate citizens’ approval and ownership.

Liton Kamruzzaman

Urban Planning and Design researchers are taking a comprehensive approach to develop an infrastructure governance model for Australian cities. Informed by international best practices, the project aims to develop a novel infrastructure governance model for Australia enabling alignment between strategic planning and project delivery in terms of visioning and policy formulation, financing, and public engagement.