Parked bicycles in Australia

Understanding the bikes people park, and how they park them.

1. Prisim encloses bicycle.
2. Empty volume in prisim.
3. Bicycle unstable at rest.
4. Moving parts not described.
5. Note alternative handlebar gemoetry at “A”.

For bicycle transport to work, we need to develop vehicles, ports, and ways in harmony. At present we only have a rudimentary understanding of the bikes Australians ride. This research aims to correct this.

Dr Robbie Napper

In developing a new bicycle parking device, we noticed that there was a poor understanding of bicycles – at a detailed level as well as understanding the various sizes and types we see out on the street. As a ubiquitous vehicle, the bicycle is very easily overlooked, but as a design lab we are deeply concerned with what things are and how they are used. We analysed the Australian Standard for Bike Parking and found that we could provide a lot more detail which will help people design and implement better bike parking.

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