The Rightsize Service

Increasing housing density and diversity through DIY development activity.

  • Investigators

    • Dr Alysia Bennett
      • Dr Damian Madigan
      • University of South Australia
  • Funded by

    • City of Sydney
  • Undertaken within

The Rightsize approach unlocks the latent capacity of existing residential stock through strategic renovations that covert single residential dwellings into multiple occupancies.

Alysia Bennett

Part design-led approach, part finance and management model, the Rightsize Service incentivises home-owners to create new infill dwellings within existing houses supported by development advice and new loan and property management approaches. In doing so, the initiative leverages the profitability and latent capacity of domestic space, the DIY ambition of homeowners and the regulatory and administrative potential of community housing providers to lift the affordability, quality and diversity of housing in the City of Sydney.