Greater Cities Commission: Women’s Safety Charter Workshop

The Commission engaged the Monash University XYX Lab to deliver an impact workshop as part of the June 2022 Community of Practice.


Partner organisation

  • Greater Cities Commission (NSW)
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Held online via Zoom, the workshop was designed to explore and test key impact areas for the Charter and opportunities for future action. The aim of this exercise was to identify the areas where the Charter can have the most impact and promote collaboration between Charter participants.

The Charter was launched in March 2020 with the objective of bringing together businesses, government agencies, peak groups and not-for-profit organisations to take collective action that improves the safety of women and girls.

XYX Lab facilitated the impact workshop which was attended by Charter partner Transport for NSW (TfNSW), Charter participants and Commission staff.

The workshop explored six themes to identify areas where the Charter can have the most impact; data and knowledge sharing, safe places, active transport, transport, communication or education campaigns, and events and activities. Participants explored the themes in a series of breakout sessions, and identified ideas and potential actions for each theme.

The outcomes of the workshop prompted Charter participants and the Commission to consider the emerging ideas from the workshop and the role their organisation could play in developing, leading or supporting these as initiatives or pilot projects. Areas of discussion included data and knowledge sharing, safe places, transport and active transport and communication and events.