HyperSext City 2

Hypersext City 2 in Fremantle, Western Australia

Re-designed to amplify the experiences of women*, girls and LGBTQI+ communities through new mediums revealing existing data sources globally and locally to spectacular effect both inside the gallery and on the streets of Fremantle.



Partner organisation

  • Fremantle Design Week

Funded by

  • DesignFreo

This problem requires long-term systemic change that requires us to come together and understand women, girls and gender-diverse people's experiences. Urban planners, architects and policymakers have a significant role to play in developing approaches to practice that address these issues of safety, access and agency.

A/Prof Gene Bawden

The Fremantle exhibition, held at the PS Art Space in Fremantle, Western Australia, continues to explore how the multi-modal tools of crowd-sourcing, co-creation and material making can surface, activate and amplify the voices and experiences of a diverse range of people who are not often heard.

The exhibition engages with practitioners, scholars and general audiences to foster new agendas, methods, and expertise – continuing to create opportunities to examine how gender impacts the experiences of public space and poses important questions about how we can design safer and more inclusive cities for the entire community.