Moreland City Council Workshop

Using gender-sensitive design thinking to support of Moreland City’s future growth.



This workshop leveraged design methods and co-design activities to encourage Moreland employees to engage with commitments in the Gender Equality document, and to consider how they might integrate a gender-sensitive lens into their work.

The participants involved in this workshop came from different departments within Moreland City Council, yet each was able to articulate how they might contribute towards championing gender equity, understanding women’s mobility and designing safer places.

Public spaces, places and infrastructure are typically designed for an abstract, generic user. However, in the context of gender inequality and bias, this imagined neutral user is invariably male. And so public spaces and places tend to be designed for male activities, priorities and preferences. Design is seldom gender-neutral. And to claim it is, perpetuates women’s inequality. By understanding gendered experiences of cities we are ensuring that cities are inclusive and accessible for everyone.

The discussion groups in the workshop were asked to focus on three key themes, including Active Transport (walking & cycling); Car Parking andPublic Transport. The designated themes allowed for in-depth discussions surrounding the challenges Moreland is facing, while creating opportunities to solve through a gendered lens, then reflect and apply these learnings to current work being done in a personally relevant way.

To encourage diversity there must be a process to engage diverse voices and perspectives. The XYX Lab’s methods facilitate participation, co-design and engagement which is vital to ensuring cultural change and to see gender sensitive policies embedded in communities.