Visualising Queer Indie Games

Queer representation in the media is vital for promoting a respectful and knowledgable society.


  • Dr Xavier Ho
    Monash Art, Design and Architecture
  • Dr Cody Mejeur
    University at Buffalo, New York


  • Dr Mark Johnson
    The University of Sydney
  • Remedios Perez Escobar (Research Assistant)
    Natalie Tran (Research Assistant)
    Monash University

Partner organisation

  • Hunt-Simes Institute in Sexuality Studies, The University of Sydney

Funded by

  • Sydney Social Sciences and Humanities Advanced Research Centre
  • MADA Strategic Development Grant

Media representation is often people's first impression or foray into understanding that there are different kinds of sexualities and gender expressions out there.

Dr Xavier Ho

How do queer indie games tell stories? Whose perspectives do they bring, and for whom? The motivation to focus on queer indie games is to conjure a potential paradigm shift that can illustrate, alter, or enhance queer possibilities in games. By centering ‘games made by and for queer folks’, this project goes beyond counting queerness and quantifying representations. In this research we look through queer lenses to investigate authentic lived experiences and narrative design in games, and in turn, how games shape queer culture in the public consciousness.

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