Redcliffe Connect and Urban Renewal

Testing a diversity of low- and medium-rise dwelling models for precinct-scaled infill redevelopment.


Partner organisations

  • Department of Communities and the City of Belmont
  • Josh Byrne and Associates
  • Traffix Group
  • Tony Blackwell and Associates

Across two sites in in Redcliffe, W.A., this research generated and tested models for approximately 180 new dwellings, high quality public space and improved local networks.

The Redcliffe Connect project was divided into two stages - Stage 1 (2016) and Stage 2 (2018). Research undertaken for the Department of Communities in 2016 involved a review of public housing landholdings in Redcliffe and developed a co-ordinated design approach to housing redevelopment and urban renewal across those landholdings. Stage 2 adopts the urban, precinct and dwelling design opportunities identified in Stage 1 and examines spatial design strategies at each scale in more detail.

The work has been developed in consultation with the Department of Communities and the City of Belmont, and incorporates environmental advice from Josh Byrne and Associates, traffic engineering advice from the Traffix Group and landscape architecture advice from Tony Blackwell and Associates.