20-minute neighbourhoods post-Covid: Impacts of ‘Remote working’ in Sunshine West

Exploring how an increased work from home population changes the impacts, needs, and opportunities for 20-Minute Neighbourhoods.


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  • DELWP (Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning)

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The growing work from home population due to Covid-19 creates new opportunities and challenges for Melbourne to become a city of 20-minute neighbourhoods.

Dr Alexa Gower

Urban Planning and Design researchers are leading the Post-Covid 20-Minute Neighbourhood project, a pilot for the Melbourne Digital City Model. The Melbourne Digital City Model is a dynamic and interactive model that will enable researchers, government, and the public to map the evolving impacts of Covid-19 on different places and communities in Greater Melbourne.

The pilot focuses on how, during a period of increased work from home population, different building typologies and land use mixes affect infrastructure, local transport, employment, public space and community amenity needs in a 20-Minute Neighbourhood.

The model allows users to adjust between different land use mixes, service levels, and building typologies through a series of sliders to quickly test and visualise hundreds of results spatially for the project study area.

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