De Anima / The Cinemas Project

Photograph: Sam Nightingale

Addressing early uses of propaganda film.


MADA's Brook Andrew has been awarded the Katherine Hannay Visual Arts Commission to enable the development, production and installation of a major new work as part of The Cinemas Project curated by Bridget Crone for NETS Victoria.

Brook’s commission De Anima will be the first major presentation of the artist’s work outside of the State capitals and will be presented by NETS Victoria and the Bendigo Art Gallery in 2014, as a part of The Cinemas Project.

The work will be Andrew's first foray into extensive film-making. Through Andrew's use of archival footage, the work will address the filmic image as a manipulator of representations of race and cultural perception, as well as issues of self-presentation and the fictions created by and through the depictions of stereotyping.

When the viewer enters the installation, they will become lost in between worlds of fictions and truths, visually exacerbated through trompe l'oeil effects. The mural (painted by the artist), sculptures and costumes (replete with Wiradjuri text and pattern) will provide a lively interaction with film projections. The project aims to question the way in which representations – or pictures of those around us – are produced, digested and reproduced. By manipulating film footage Andrew aims to address the politics of representation – and the ever-present confusion of who can represent whom – in order to encourage the exploration of how we view history and who has the right to comment, argue and own that of the past.