Glitch: Photography, Critical Image-Making and the Construction of the Architectural image

Photographers, image-makers, architects, critics and historians examine their changing relationships to the architectural image.

Image: A still from Nic Hamilton’s video for the song Room 302 featuring Tink by Future Brown

“Architecture exists as image both before and after the built object… and image-making transforms buildings, places and architectural ideas into a mobile currency.” – Naomi Stead

The Glitch symposium, held at the National Gallery of Victoria during Melbourne Design Week 2018, examined the conflicted role of image-making at the intersection of architecture, art and photography.

Through a series of themed panels, the symposium sketched out possible new relationships and understandings, bringing together a diverse range of practitioners engaged in the production and critique of architectural imagery. Photographers, communication designers, visualisers, artists, academics, critical image-makers, architects, critics and historians explored the way  expanding technologies have generated new types of imagery and architectural experiences, how architectural image-making can function as a mode of social, political and architectural critique; and the way the production of the image informs our understanding of architecture.

This symposium, and the dialogues between often separate and oppositional knowledges and constituencies, marks an important step in the reappraisal of the image in an increasingly complex and plural visual culture – in architecture and beyond.

The program was as follows:

Session one: The (architectural) photograph as critical image

Naomi Stead (MADA)

Catherine de Lorenzo (UNSW)
Peter Bennetts (Peter Bennetts Photography)
Dianna Snape (Dianna Snape Photography)
Brett Boardman (Brett Boardman Photography)

Session two: Fictional Future: Speculating on Property and Representation

Timothy Moore (MADA)

Nic Hamilton (Studio Magnified/Aurecon)
Sam Slicer (The Slice)
Giuseppe Demaio (Local Peoples)
Joe Hamilton

Session three: After-Image: What remains to be seen in a post-truth world?

Alex Brown (USyd / MADA)

Jacqui Alexander (MADA)
Leandro Cappetto (Grupo TOMA)
Tom Morgan (MADA)
Charity Edwards (MADA)
Amelia Hine (UQ)

Closing roundtable discussion

John Macarthur (UQ, MADA Visiting Professor)

Melissa Miles (MADA)
Ari Seligmann (MADA)
Catherine de Lorenzo (UNSW)
Jess Berry (MADA)
Timothy Moore (MADA)

“Glitch” Investigators
Naomi Stead
Timothy Moore
Ari Seligmann
Charity Edwards
Melissa Miles
Jess Berry