Hybrid Media Wonderlands

Using folktales, myths and legends to comment on social, political and environmental issues.


  • Dr Tamara Jordan

In the age of media convergence the boundaries of various creative disciplines such as film, animation, design, photography, painting, typography, sculpture, etc. are blurred and offer many opportunities for new creative results and visual aesthetics.

Beyond the scope of commercial enterprises filmmaker, designer and artists explore different ways of communicating ideas or telling a story by expanding, conventional narrative models through cross-disciplinary fusions.

My research will focus on a selection of hybrid media projects and explore various adaptation methods and narrative strategies in a transcultural context, from subversive abstract reflections to radical and direct approaches. The practice-based research expands the existing canon by introducing emergent creative projects as a part of participatory culture.

The relationship between narrative and the final design solution is at the forefront of my investigation. I will compare implied and explicit strategies through the frame of literature, folklore, history, philosophy, film, and design theory. How do the choice of design style and the use of hybrid compositing practices contribute to the narrative and the purpose of the work? Does it stay true to the spirit of the original text? How is the original function still relevant and how can a traditional narrative be a powerful source to reveal contemporary concerns?

Creative disciplines such as animation or motion design are often dismissed as a mere vehicle of entertainment culture, my research aims to expose the power of animation and hybrid media projects as a social act.