Photography as a Crime

Photography and privacy in public spaces: protecting photographers’ rights.


  • Professor Melissa Miles
    Monash Art, Design and Architecture
  • Professor Anne Marsh
  • Dr Daniel Palmer
  • Professor Mark Davison

Partner organisation

  • The Centre for Contemporary Photography

Funded by

  • The Australian Research Council Linkage Grant

The project provided new clarity on photographers’ legal rights and responsibilities when working in public.

Melissa Miles

This project addressed a major issue affecting amateur, professional and artistic photographers – the increasing restrictions on photography in public space. It assessed the serious consequences of these restrictions for our recorded identity and social history, and provided important practical support for photographers. Conducted in partnership with the Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP), the project resulted in a legal guide for photographers made freely available online, the photography exhibition In Camera and in Public (International), which formed part of the prestigious 2011 Melbourne International Festival, a fully subscribed symposium, and groundbreaking edited book The Photographic Threat including essays from experts in the field.