The Intimacies

How ‘affective interaction’ can enhance intimate human experience.


  • Dr Mark Guglielmetti

Projects investigate possible modalities of interfacing with ‘emotional data’ to create a series of interactive electronic works that are embodied with ‘data profiles’ captured from intimate human contact and touch.

Using Ferrofluid and building on recent developments in organic physical user interaction (OUI) the works created will explore the emotional potency intimate touch means in our every day lives. Intimate touching is often expressed in our daily lives as a personal signifier of sometimes-routine yet highly individual and visceral expression.

The Intimacies will use data and digital information generated through the physical trace of intimate touching between people in close relationships to develop a new form of non-verbal multi- sensory communication experience. This data will be used as ‘data profiles’ of the captured gestures. The data will be rendered manifest into physical electronic sculptures and devices.