Image: John Warwicker

A series of research events investigating material innovation in the constructed environment.


  • Dr Philippe Block
  • James Bellamy
  • Tim Schork
  • Damon von Horne


  • Dinh Triet Nguyen
  • Gerard Turnbull
  • Natalie Studdert
  • Sara Sidari
  • Radoslaw Buczek
  • Boden Davies
  • Diego Arellano
  • Chin Lien Anne-Lise Ip Sion Thoo
  • Dean Lau Tim Ling
  • Michael Truong
  • Damian Palamara
  • Anna Black
  • Sheli Kuperman
  • Mehrnoush Latifi Khorasgani

Funded by

  • veski

By fostering a direct exchange between architects, designers and industry this series of research events will provide interfaces between disciplines that will enable dialogues and foster an exchange of knowledge through, across and beyond materials and materiality. transmaterial will connect global issues in materials, technologies and their ramifications with local concerns in manufacturing and making.

27 May - 4 June: transmaterial Workshop I
Experimental Design-Make workshop with Dr. Philippe Block, director of the BLOCK Research Group at the ETH Zurich and James Bellamy (director of Re-vault), exploring how a new digital practice can lead to a reintroduction of material, tectonic and constructional thinking into architectural design practice through applied research into masonry structures.

28 May: Stone Skins: New Masonry Shells
Public lecture by Dr. Philippe Block and James Bellamy, 6-7pm. Free entry. MADA Lecture Theatre G1.04 (Caulfield Campus).
Convenors: Tim Schork and Dr. John Sadar. This lecture will present new computational form-finding approaches for exploring three-dimensional equilibrium shapes, by understanding Gothic masonry vaults. Through the use of intuitive graphical methods, the designer gains control over the exploration of form, which blurs the boundaries between funicular (compression-only) and free-form design.

22-25 July: Visit of Blaine Brownell
Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota School of Architecture and director of Transstudio.

22-25 July: transmaterial Workshop II
Experimental Design-Make workshop with Dr. Paul Nicholas from The Center for Information Technology and Architecture (CITA) at the Royal Danish School of Fine Art, exploring how the use of new digital simulation techniques, advanced materials and production methods are instigating profound changes in the design and building of contemporary architecture and the benefits this presents to contemporary life and culture.

25 July: Research Symposium
Fostering a direct exchange between architects, designers and industry MADA hosts transmaterial - a research symposium through, across and beyond materials and materiality in the constructed environment. Tickets (free):

17-27 July: transmaterial Exhibition
Public exhibition at Pin-up showcasing design projects of the two experimental Design-Make workshops.