From suburbanisation to inner densification and transformation, combining bottom up and top down as strategies.

MADA aerial city view

"In times of limited resources, it is crucial to creatively reuse the existing building stock.” – Markus Jung & Maud Cassaignau

The former industrial area of Cremorne was used as a case study to demonstrate densification and transformation potentials of well-connected inner neighborhoods in Melbourne. The project envisioned Cremorne as a dense, lively, mixed and sustainable neighborhood, and developed a set of design strategies for the transformation of rich urban heritage. It revolved around integrating the history of the place, existing morphologies and its genius loci. The vision unfolds ideas for alternative circulation, pedestrian life and public transport, catalytic projects and activation of public space.

The research by design project was developed collaboratively with students, urban activists and journalists and used Monash University as a platform.

As part of the overall strategy, the activation of urban space was pursued within Cremorne itself. In conjunction with a website and flyer campaign, this method allowed to gain visibility and discursive exchange within the architecture community, the neighborhood and with urban planning authorities. The temporary installation demonstrated the potentials of underused space. It housed the exhibition and a public discussion around the projects objectives.

Combining bottom-up and top-down tactics allowed attracting attention to the importance of sustainable urban growth strategies, showcasing potentials of transformative densification as an alternative to sprawl.

The project will be featured in the Venice Architecture Biennale 2014.

Maud Cassaignau & Markus Jung, XPACE architecture + urban design

Maud Cassaignau & Markus Jung and MADA Architecture

MADA Architecture students
Tamara Bird
Camilla Burke
Laura Donato
Megan Doodey
Lauren Geschke
Nathan Impey
Edwin Ng
Robert Randell
Robert Rosamilia
Hosna Saleem
Joseph Semeredi
Amy Shaw
Julie Sloane
Daniel Wallis
Kathryn Walter
Faridah Yim

Jacqueline Cann
Lyndal Cleary
Giuliana Corallo
Edward De Fegely
Kanghong Charlie Du
Benjamin Ellul
Emilia Fabris
Angus Hamilton
Shigeru Iijima
Thu Le
Lara Panuzzo
Jasmine Placentino
Sasha Sivanas
Samantha Stefanou
Sophie Weber
Jie Zheng

Hillary Duff
Hillary Sleigh
An Thai
Matthew Xue


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