Shaping a more tolerant society.


It’s a fascinating concept to explore. In an era where the slightest transgression will get you crucified on Facebook, Taboo is an exhibition that questions where we, as a society and individuals, draw the line.

Cameron Bayley, TimeOut Magazine

Raising issues of censorship with ‘daring’ or ‘disrespectful’ devices, TABOO re-visits arguments and decisions made out of fear and trauma that have now become verbatim to shut down discourse or even to influence good value in debate, creativity and culture. TABOO removed those barricades by juxtaposing ideas that open other strategies to enable visibility, discussion and accessibility.  The curation of a thought-provoking and stimulating program explored the relativity of taboos across different cultures – tracing their origins and history, their evolution through generations and the impact they have on everyday life and culture.

Contributing artists: Brook Andrew (Australia), Bindi Cole (Australia), Jimmie Durham (Europe), Leah Gordon (UK), Alicia Henry (USA), Ricardo Idagi (Australia), Anton Kannemeyer (South Africa), Jompet (Agustinus Kuswidanato) (Indonesia), Yal Ton (Eric Bridgeman) (PNG and Australia), Ana Mendieta (Cuba and USA), Judy Watson (Australia)

This event was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.