The Handbook of Public Transport Research

A book chapter that examines the significant challenges facing the field of Public Transport and how research in Design can mitigate them.


This is not just a book but an encyclopaedic array of public transport related research. It comprehensively maps and captures the development of new knowledge needed to advance public transport.  The Handbook provides a recognition of the fantastic work done by researchers all over the world and the key role of public transport to improve the quality of life of people.

Mohamed Mezghani, Secretary General, International Association of Public Transport (UITP), Belgium

There is a widely acknowledged understanding that the mood and behaviours of human beings are influenced by their surroundings. That aesthetically pleasing environments and objects that are easy to use enhance a better quality of life than those that do not.

The chapter “The power of design to enrich the public transport experience,” written by Monash Mobility Design Lab’s Selby Coxon, Robbie Napper, Ilya Fridman, and Vincent Moug, seeks to demonstrate that an attentive and progressive approach to the design of public transport infrastructure brings benefits to both passengers and operators.

The Handbook of Public Transport Research
Edward Elgar Publishing, April 2021
ISBN 9781788978651
eISBN 9781788978668
496 pages