Venous Access

Improving the efficacy and experience of Venous Access.


Partner organisations

  • Multigate
  • Monash Health

The venous access project was a 12-month collaboration between Monash University, Monash Health and Multigate Medical Products; a leading medical manufacturer and supplier. The project was supported by an Innovations Connections Grant that is co-funded by Multigate Medical Products.

Design Health Collab, a practice based design laboratory with a research focus on medical technology and health and wellbeing lead the project. Aiming to build empathy using design thinking and co-design techniques in combination with product and experience design aims to meet with the needs of end-users.

This project is broken into three stages; phase 1 (Discovery), phase 2 (Design) and phase 3 (Implementation). The discovery phase provides an opportunity to empathise with end-users and detail their circumstances. Background research is used to establish scale, literature reviews and competitor analysis to see how other initiatives have previously and currently address the problem, and analogous insights to explore how other industries solve similar problems. Analysis of these issues led to the formulation of a grand challenge and articulation of design opportunities for further investigation.

Workshops in conjunction with clinicians, medical staff, patients and designers lead to a selection concepts that were selected by workshop participants as having the most merit and were further developed to the next level to assess viability. The designed outcome incorporated revised procedures and patient empowerment as well as new product and technologies to enable a more efficient and less invasive venous access experience.