WAYOUT: Codesign in Kandos

Image: Preliminary Design Study Sarah Breen Lovett and David Kroll. Render by Wei Hsu.

Contemporary art practices into architectural design.


  • Dr Sarah Breen Lovett
    Monash University
  • Dr David Kroll
    Adelaide University


Partner organisations

  • Atelier Bow-Wow
  • Cementa Inc
  • Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation

A participatory project with an inter-disciplinary approach … primarily conceived as an art work and public engagement project before materialising into physical space.

Scroope Journal, Cambridge Department of Architecture

This research project is a co-design process between Atelier Bow-Wow, artists from the Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation (KSCA, CEMENTA) and local community members for an arts facility called WAYOUT in Kandos, a post-industrial rural town in NSW about 4 hours’ drive west of Sydney.

The significance of this research is, firstly, that the project elucidates and showcases aspects of Atelier Bow-Wow’s hybrid art and architectural practices, which include the design of buildings in rural areas in collaboration with local communities alongside creating places and pavilions for new types of social exchange. Secondly, it is an applied extension of the contemporary art practices of KSCA artists who engage with members of the community to promote social and economic change. Thirdly, the project considers the interaction of diverse art and architectural practices and more specifically how socially engaged contemporary art practices can influence architectural design.

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