Digitally Diverse Structure

Bachelor of Architectural Design
Semester 1, 2017

Studio leader(s)

  • James Bowman Fletcher

Contemporary built-environments are constructed as much by digital information as they are by plasterboard and timber stud walls. Therefore, the studio will investigate the co-dependent relationships between digital interfaces (websites, apps, information etc.) and physical interfaces (walls, floors, roofs etc.) in the design of a prototype for contemporary activity on a remote site in rural Victoria.

The prototype for contemporary activity will accommodate the activities of a diverse and changing group of between 1-25 visitors, which includes the students of the studio themselves. The physical architecture of the prototype, paired with its digital systems will enable multiple visitors to undertake activities that they are not able to undertake in their current environment. Diverse activity and ownership of the prototype will be enabled by integrated and roaming digital interfaces developed by the studio. The remote nature of the site is understood as a condition of otherness, facilitating potential escape from conventions in behavior. The digital interface will also support unprescribed relationships between the visitors.

The studio will focus on two design processes, whereby the material resolution of physical interfaces will be tested through physical model making and digital interfaces through interactive layouts. Students will develop their own co-dependant physical-digital interfaces and as a class using these design processes. Students will critically look at current digital technologies constructing their environments (Nest, Amazon Dash, Screens etc.) and focus on the current day application of extensions of these beyond sustainability, comfort and security. The semester will conclude with individual work being consolidated into a single demonstration of the digital and physical interfaces of the final prototype for contemporary activity.

Monday 1:30-4:30PM + Thursday 1:30-4:30PM