Yadamsuren Idenbayar

We area a society of Want as opposed to Need.

Goods and services have manifested into a global phenomenon of commodification to the extreme. Time, space and food are now viewed as products that can all be bought- for a price.

The increasing demand for space has seen our cities grow vertically with skyscrapers/high rises becoming the identity of a city, and not the people.

Our obsession with food has turned us into a society that lives eat, rather than eats to live. The culture of mass production has created a dichotomy between the urban and the rural. The division between farm and city life has never been greater, with our farmers struggling to compete with our desire to consume. As supported by the ABS, we are eating almost three times more meat than what is required for a healthy diet.

Our focus on the commodification of our surroundings has resulted us being at the mercy of capitalist consumerism.

The Slaughter Tower is a critic on the evolution of food as private consumption into a movement of mass requirement. It explores the consequences of our current lifestyle to manifests itself into an industry designed to satisfy our Needs, but also question our Wants. This project tries to expose/reveal the consequences of over consumption and making an awareness of how much we consume and how tall we want to build to keep up with this vertical capitalism.


The Slaughter Tower