House Of Stoush

Bachelor of Architectural Design
Semester 1, 2017

Studio leader(s)

Festival Hall Redevelopment

The site typifies a central city edge condition, part industrial, part commercial and residential, sliced by
traffic and rail arteries but mostly non-descript.

The concerts and events have a long history from a time pre dating the Beatles gig, through bands, roller derby, boxing and even wrestling might ring a bell.... but the building? Many evocative memories exist for the number of ‘rituals of gathering’ enacted within Festival Hall but the building itself is a blank, a cipher, dissolving into and becoming part of its rather tough and alienating context. This may be well and good or it may imply a sense of absence and void.

A new concert hall / auditorium, a container of entertainment and information is required. Within the terrain of railyards, docklands and warehouses will rise a new event house breathing life into one of the city’s forgotten corners.

Boundaries: Dudley St, Roslyn St, Adderley St and
Railway Place, West Melbourne

The studio will investigate the site influences and urban connections to enable the student to design an auditorium structure set for dialogue with the contemporary city, examining in detail the building type, design, operation and its relevance and viability.

Examine and respond to the dynamic site condition, its opportunities and constraints, the spatial compression and limitations.
The studio avoids the conscious propagation of a architectural ideology in an attempt to enable students to explore, in a guided but unhindered fashion, their personal and the group’s architectural development.