Occupy Reveal Dispute Subvert

Bachelor of Architectural Design
Semester 2, 2017

Studio leader(s)

OCCUPY: In the last 40 years, the economic logic over which the social development takes place, has changed. We now live in a world of concentration of wealth and power, increase of state violence through police control, exclusion of more and more sectors of society and architecture for the wealthy. Since the 90’s, this logic started to change from a repressive and violent behaviour, to a seductive performance, in which those who are not excluded, are now enchanted through spectacle and consumption, with ARCHITECTURE AS AN ACCOMPLICE.

REVEAL: This double behaviour of destruction and seduction, allows the development at extraordinary rates of the wealthiest people, but at the same time the displacement and poverty of a huge percentage of the global population. Melbourne is one of the most seductive cities in the world, and the CROWN COMPLEX – millionaire gambling, 5 stars hotel, de luxe residences, exquisite cuisine and exclusive entertainment – its most radical expression. Soon, the construction of the tallest tower in Melbourne - ONE QUEENSBRIDGE - will culminate this complex, a symbol of wealth concentration, masculine virility, corporate power and social exclusiveness.

DISPUTE: The Studio will study the role of architecture in this conflictive scenario, and which opportunities we have, as architects, to get involved in the dispute against the structural social injustice. We will look for architectural mechanisms that this building develops to generate exclusion and seduction. Through readings, writings, visits, models, walks, videos, diagrams, conversations, and the study of international cases, the Studio will build a battery of critical reflections of this radical architecture of the current
times. So, we will propose different actions and projects to make visible what this architecture hides.

¿Can we think architecture as a tool to dispute the current distribution of power?
¿How can we reveal the violence of the attractive model of the neoliberal city and its buildings?
¿Has architecture the capacity to build social resistance and inclusive social relations?
¿How would be the buildings and the city if architects work to destabilise current conditions?
¿What would happen if architecture engage in the conflict and dispute against power?
This Studio will develop subversive projects, and speculate about possible alternatives.

ARCHITECTURE FOR CONFLICT IN A NEOLIBERAL WORLD: Lectures on Neoliberalism and Urban Development, Architecture and Seduction, Critical Alternatives and Dispute, will stimulate a critical construction of discourses, actions and architectural propositions. The Studio will produce models, videos, diagrams, catalogues and 1:1 installations during its process, to allow a collective reflection among students, teachers, collaborators and guests.

The most luxurious complex
The most liveable city
The tallest building in Melbourne
A unique addition to the city skyline