Post Coal

Bachelor of Architectural Design
Semester 2, 2017

Studio leader(s)

The coalmines and coal infrastructures in the Latrobe valley are currently closing. They have been central to Latrobe’s economy, employment and urban development in the last decades.

In this studio we will envision a post-coal future: What potentials and new economical models can emerge from this departure? How would they make use the spatial conditions left behind by the coal industry? How would they express architecturally and spatially?

This studio will strongly work together with ‘Architecture and the City’, aiming at comprehensive mappings of Latrobe’s extreme and fascinating post-industrial sites, and their critical connection to Melbourne. They will form the base for our understanding, investigations and proposals.

We will then envision imaginative design solutions responding to a new economic situation using graphic and provocative imagery and illustrations. While precedents of post-industrial revitalization in Europe and America will trigger our concept explorations; representation methods by Analogues, the Bartlett, AA, and Animes will inspire our visual explorations.

The whole semester, we will focus on developing a pair of visionary visualizations and sections, to progressively achieve a high level of representational refinement. Students will be working in teams of 2-3.

S2 2017 - Mo + Thu 10:00-13:00
Bachelor studio ARC 3002