Pull Over

Bachelor of Architectural Design
Semester 1, 2017

Studio leader(s)

The design studio will broadly investigate the potential for architecture to elevate the accessibility and value of regional areas and places. The studio, sponsored by the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council in Tasmania will consider the potential to seed the economic growth of the East Coast region of Tasmania through careful and strategic tourism– focused development at locations along the ‘Great Eastern Drive’ touring route.

The studio will specifically identify, investigate, and design projects at a number of locations along the touring route. These sites will be chosen for the potential as traveller pull over spots (due to the surrounding spectacular landscape or significant historical setting) but are currently problematic in terms accessibility, safety and available amenity. Ideas generated in the studio will contribute towards a body of design research to be delivered to the council for purposes of pursuing funding to develop and implement actual projects in these locations.

The focus for the semester will be on the material resolution of design ideas. Students will be designing programmatically simple buildings and structures, freeing them up to explore design projects in greater material, structural and tectonic depth.

> How architecture in regional places, whilst addressing practical issues can evoke, reveal and mark the unseen (eg history, ecological forces, celestial event),
> How contemporary architecture can embody and reinterpret the built vernacular of a place.

Students will be challenged to understand and incorporate relevant building codes and standards into their designs to start to understand the process of ensuring projects are accessible, safe and comfortable, whilst being conceptually and experientially rich.

The studio will run on Monday and Thursday afternoons_ 2 to 5pm .

The studio will involve a trip to the east coast of Tasmania to undertake project site observation and analysis and visit a series of existing pull-over projects. This trip will likely occur around Week 3 or 4 and we will be away for up to 2 nights. Exact times etc will be confirmed shortly.