Master of Architecture
Semester 1, 2017

Studio leader(s)

New pedagogical spaces of the contemporary city

There is a sense the historical university campus is part of an unending historical continuum.

All has changed. Plummeting government funding, the need to ‘brand’ the university campus and aggressive higher education takeovers from vocational training providers means that the physical campus disaggregates. We are left with satellites of pedagogy. Consequently universities and architects will need to go out to the student — learning satellites will appear in transitory spaces like airports, shopping centres and train stations. These are the new pedagogical spaces of the contemporary city.

Students will analyse the campus (Monash Clayton) typology; design ‘learning satellites’ in the suburban expanse and finally radically re-introduction these learning satellites into the Clayton campus. Students will come on a wild ride through typology, negative space, process driven design techniques and urban form. You will take positions, create polemics and discover the Society of the Spectacle that was Monash student politics in the 1960s.

Classes will be held in the offices of Paul Morgan Architects where you will get a taste of actual University projects. Occasional classes will be held at MADA.

The program will be in three stages:
1: Campus analysis; diagramming the process; concept investigations (3 weeks)
2: Process experiments (4 weeks)
3. Building design (7 weeks)

Wednesday mornings and afternoons.

From survival pods for a climate-stressed Australia of the near future, to buildings sculpted in response to the environment that surrounds them, the work of Paul Morgan Architects is a highly unconventional blend of science fiction, sustainability, and speculation.

Paul Morgan has been in private practice since 1997, completing university, TAFE and residential projects over that period. The practice has won the Robin Boyd Award for Residential Buildings as well as awards from the European Centre for Architecture Art and Urban Design and Chicago Athenaeum. A monograph on the practice was published in 2013. Paul is formerly editor of Transition magazine, and has taught architectural design over the last 27 years.