St Kilda Triangle ACCA

Bachelor of Architectural Design
Semester 1, 2017

Studio leader(s)

  • Toby Reed
  • Anna Nervegna


The students will be designing a museum for contemporary art in the seaside St Kilda Triangle site. The museum will include exhibition spaces, café/restaurant, shop, a public plaza with video art projection spaces. There will also be offices for arts and media administrators.

The concept behind this studio is to design a building which investigates the changing nature of architectural surface and space in the modern world, particularly as it has changed since the influence of conceptual art and the advent of the cinema, television and subsequent screen technologies (as personified in this brief with the inclusion of video art).
The project is an opportunity to explore new artistic techniques and methodologies for generating buildings, while aiming at a very clear output of a functional museum / public building.

Students will deal with the following issues and tasks:
The planning of museum gallery spaces, public spaces, artist studios and offices.
The investigation of new techniques for designing public buildings.
Experimenting with various design strategies in order to find and express new types of spatial relations between the individual, the video image and art techniques (in all its forms) in architectural surface and space.
The role of the image in the public building in the 21st century city.
The design of a public building and public spaces.
Students will study the evolution of art and architecture techniques and its relation to architecture.

Hal Foster – The Art Architecture Complex
Guy Debord – The Society of the Spectacle
Marshall McLuhan – The Hot and the Cool
Peter Eisenman – Ten Canonical Buildings 1950 - 2000