Stephenson Triangle

Master of Architecture
Semester 2, 2017

Studio leader(s)

  • Markus Jung
  • Lochlan Sinclair

We understand the city as the model of sustainable living for the future. Based on this credo the Stephenson Triangle studio will explore processes of urban transition and transformation, dynamic programmes, potentials for densification and the implementation of new typologies.

The objectives of the Stephenson Triangle studio are to develop unconventional and speculative strategies for densification and to design high-density, mixed-use housing projects as an urban system. Such a system must necessarily address the plurality and coexistence of heterogeneity on the level of city dwellers, programmes and the existing urban morphology.

The inherent synergies of these diverse contexts possess a great potential for designing for the future.

Within the research driven design process, students will work in pairs to develop public programmes in accordance to their housing concepts and findings of their analysis of the existing surrounding. These complimentary programmes will play a key role within the urban system: As spaces of social encounter they can strengthen the community life and enhance the inhabitants’ identification with their urban environment. At the same time these public programmes can create synergies with the existing neighbourhood.

The studio is led by Markus Jung and Lochlan Sinclair as a first collaboration between Monash University & Neometro.

The studio is paired with the housing studies unit APDH, which runs on Tuesday mornings from 9.30am – 12.30pm.

Studio hours:
9.30am -12.30pm & 2.00pm – 5.00pm