Thick Skinned

Master of Architecture
Semester 2, 2017

Studio leader(s)

  • George Huon
    Luke Tuckman
    Vaughan Cockburn

This practice based studio will explore approaches to the repurposing of aging building stock through adaptive reuse, with a focus on strategies for the alteration and addition to existing building ‘skins’. The concept of reskinning is becoming increasingly relevant locally and abroad in the context of widespread, aging building stock that is no longer fit for purpose and expensive to maintain. A range of economic, environmental and social imperatives demand that creative approaches be developed to extend the life of these buildings across a broad range of building typologies.

This studio posits a building’s ‘skin’ as not merely surface, but rather a dynamic element with thickness, mediating between internal and external relationships – between interior program and the public realm.

Students will be tasked with understanding ‘reskinning’ as more than just “lipstick on a pig”; investigating a range of methods for altering and improving the programmatic and environmental performance of existing buildings. Through the re-imagination of a building’s exterior, students will explore a range of relationships between a building and its context across multiple scales.

Studio will be run from the BKK office in the CBD.