True Crimes

Bachelor of Architectural Design
Semester 2, 2017

Studio leader(s)

  • Ben Waters
    OSK + SIII Research Lab

Processing Images of Ornament

‘True Crimes’ is a research and design unit that introduces students to critical views on ornamentation through the observation, production, transformation and materialisation of images.

Framed by Adolf Loos’ provocative critique of the role of architectural ornament in the 1913 essay Ornament and Crime, students will engage in a process of scanning ornament, as critical observation. Images, elements and fragments of architectural ornamentation will be scanned using advanced imaging techniques (3d white light scanners, 3d laser scanners, photogrammetry etc.). These scans will form a 3d digital inventory of a range of ornamentation types, surveyed from the contextual axis of Melbourne’s St Kilda Road. This axis offers a historically diverse and varied display of applications and approaches to ornamentation.

The digital data of images selected from the inventory will then be ‘computationally processed’ ie. edited, displaced and transformed in order to find new forms of representations and tectonics structures inherent in the images.

The second phase of the course will be focused on the development of new tectonic forms, using data and information extracted from images produced in first phase studies.

These forms will be tested through physical models (3d printed material). A recursive process of scanned digital image to physical material then scanned again, will produce new modes of transformation and test the dexterity of the students methodology.