After Aid

Bachelor of Architectural Design
Semester 1, 2020

Studio leader(s)

  • Dr Michaela Prescott
    Monash Art, Design and Architecture
  • Dr Yazid Ninsalam
    RMIT + Climate Resilient Honiara Project

Working from afar, the design studio will broadly investigate the potential for design (architecture and landscape architecture) to provoke or incite reactions within dynamic urban areas. Investigating the role of design – and the designer – in international development, AFTER AID deals with the ‘wicked’ problems facing informal settlements within the Pacific.

It asks students to speculate on alternative urban futures, asking ‘what next’ after aid/development projects are completed which often are unable to address interlinking problems. Speculative design is a discursive practice, based on critical thinking and dialogue, which questions the practice of design. In this studio students will use this in particular within the context of developing economies that receive aid via infrastructural development.

Ideas generated in the studio will contribute towards a body of design research on designing in and for informal settlements. Building from action-research projects undertaken by researchers in both institutions, students from both cohorts will engage with RISE project materials via broader themes of social and spatial justice, climate change and environmental sustainability within the context of Asia Pacific and advanced geospatial techniques developed in RMIT Climate Resilient Honiara project.

Things to note

  • On- and off- campus classes
  • Joint Architecture and Landscape Architecture design course.
  • Workshop access required- includes digital fabrication techniques for rapid prototyping
  • Includes basic Rhino, Grasshopper and GIS tools for working with 3D  point Cloud data from drone imagery