Anthropocene Landscapes

Bachelor of Architectural Design
Semester 1, 2020

Studio leader(s)

  • Georgia Nowak

“The Anthropocene marks severe discontinuities; what comes after will not be like what came before. I think our job is to make the Anthropocene as short/thin as possible and to cultivate with each other in every way imaginable epochs to come that can replenish refuge.” Donna Haraway

The studio is part of a broader investigation into Anthropocentric landscapes (environments shaped by human re-engineering of the planet) such as those affected by climate change, corporate action, land clearing and war. This studio will focus particularly on those of corporate action (mining and extractive industries) and will interrogate the systems and forces (hidden and visible) at play and subsequently develop a proposition for potential future use. Possible material developments, future settlement typologies, marginal uses and remediation proposals for these landscapes may be required, however the landscapes may also be deemed inhabitable and therefore a re-working of industrial or extractive practices for distant futures is to be proposed as an alternative.