Market Bridge

Bachelor of Architectural Design
Semester 2, 2020

Studio leader(s)

  • Ciro Márquez
    Artist+EU Architect

The studio will analyse contemporary market places and phenomenon to propose a live exchange area, overlapping commercial and cultural programs, over the existing infrastructure of Sandridge Bridge.

Market bridge aims to propose an innovative public space program, an architectural project about alternation, to transform Sandridge Bridge in a place of transition, intersection and or disruption

The studio will explore commercial and cultural activity studying the contemporary shopping mall, the supermarket phenomenon and mapping change in market events like at Queen Victoria Market. The studio will teach analytical graphic tools on movement and activity making an emphasis on narratives of space and time. The context analysis will relate The Sandridge Bridge infrastructure with Southbank new and increasing population, explore alternatives to connect and traverse Flinders Street railway station and link with Melbourne CBD. Early stage of the design process will explore comparison and morphological interpretation strategies; generating analogies across public space events/precedents and abstract-concept images; physical assemblages and interpretation drawings will give form to design concepts.

The following outcomes are expected to integrate the interim and final presentation to demonstrate the work in progress and full resolution of the project
W1-W6 production:

  1. Graphic analogies [diptychs of found images]; assemblages [concept models];interpretation drawings [drawings and collage]
  2. Photo and video recording, Space and Time graphic Narratives, human and medium scale, [Hybrid drawing integrating line, image and text]
  3. Site context mapping, ≈1:500 scale (team-work) [Hybrid drawing and various projection systems]; XXL site complex map (whole-group work) [Hybrid drawing overoblique projection]
    W7-W14 production:
  4. One overall plan and one overall longitudinal section, at ≈1:500 scale, presenting the connexion of the bridge with Southbank, Flinders Walk, the Railway Station, Flinders St. and Elisabeth St [Line drawing Hybrid, orthogonal projection]
  5. Two plans/layers, at 1:100 scale, one for each state or program [Line drawing+Hybrid, orthogonal projection]
  6. Two cross sections/layers, at 1:50 scale, one for each state or program [Linedrawing+ Hybrid, orthogonal projection]
  7. One synthesis drawing, at ≈1:100 scale, integrating all programs, focusing on the activity and the relation the urban context. [Hybrid drawing, oblique projection]