Meanwhile London

Master of Architecture
Semester 1, 2020

Studio leader(s)

This studio investigates the phenomenon of meanwhile spaces, the interim use of property before it undergoes a transformation. While the pop-up may soon shut down, this studio looks to how short-term activity may connect to longer-term urban development projects.

This studio zooms in on urban redevelopment in London by Lendlease and Camden Council at Euston, HS2 and Somers Town, and the Euston Parcel Deck as a specific site. Students will create a project that considers the short- and longer-term development of the site as a future place of learning. Site analysis and design development will be undertaken in London from April 13-24.(Costs are estimated at 4.5k).

Prior to heading to London, students will undertake a series of exercises at different scales that explores what constitutes cultural infrastructure with a focus on a site in Melbourne.

This studio is led by Mel Dodd, Programme director of spatial practice at Central St Martins and Lecturer at Monash University; and Timothy Moore, Lecturer at Monash and director of Sibling Architecture.