Shared Solitude 01: Ecological Repair and Deconstructed Public Buildings

Bachelor of Architectural Design
Semester 2, 2020

Studio leader(s)

Phillip Island

Shared Solitude studio explores the notion that a public building can be developed with broad ecological understanding and support and as its principle focus. 2020 has been a year defined by crisis. The summer bushfires have brought the environmental emergency into sharp focus and the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the vulnerability of both the individual and community. Both of these events have happened despite (or perhaps because of) long established political and social structures. In a time of forced flexibility and change, this studio questions the value of current public buildings asking whether supporting broader ecological systems and territory’s could (and should) be drivers of development. It will also question the ongoing value of single buildings, instead looking at multiple spaces, shared functions as well as a capacity for individual and group relationships as justifications for construction.

Research, Context and Strategy: The studio will consider planning and environmental strategies of local government and other relevant stakeholders to develop a strategic approach to their design.

Design Based Research: We will undertake design-based research into current public buildings and public spaces, designs that have developed from previous crises and ask how the current crisis of 2020 may shift architectural design.

Ecological Mapping: Using historical and contemporary sources, site observation and documentation as well as data mapping techniques, students will create ecological maps which help develop careful observation of their site(s) and surrounding context.

Scale: Students will explore design outcomes across a broad range of scales, considering their proposals within a connected network from
territorial to site to construction scale.

Architecture: Students will propose a suite of deconstructed ‘buildings’ in place of the traditional single public building.

This studio will involve both group and individual work.