Telepresent Assemblies

Bachelor of Architectural Design
Semester 2, 2020

Studio leader(s)

  • Sean Guy

Rapid technological developments over the past 30 years have brought about an accelerated digitization and automation of our social, political and personal identities. The architectural process is beginning to develop to an intensely digitized and highly collaborative process across all platforms through advancements in algorithmic design, robotic fabrication, 3D printing and machine learning.  Telepresent Assemblies will critically investigate our own design agency in the face of a newly collaborative and digitized society though the lens of telepresent design methodologies in mixed reality. What kind of autonomy do we have as architects part of a larger collective decision making process?

Students will assume roles as collaborative entrepreneurial architects connected together through a telepresent virtual platform. Students will work in groups to build their own multi-user mixed reality applications that will facilitate the design of architectural outcomes created live over a remote connection in 3D space. The process will force students to design together in 3D from remote locations, with decisions of one user having an instant effect on the other user. The studio is interested in exploring how conceptual design processes can become live collaborative spatial experiences that maintain critical observations of site-specific, brief-specific architectural out comes, and questioning where a designer’s agency and control lies in such a process.