Temporary Permanent

Bachelor of Architectural Design
Semester 1, 2020

Studio leader(s)

TEMPORARY PERMANENT studio proposes a loop walking trail and associated infrastructure around Phillip Island as a way to consider how architecture and infrastructure of temporary use can influence the design and construction of permanent housing.

Students will examine the varied environmental and urban conditions of Phillip Island to define the location of the trail and to design a series of proposals for associated infrastructure. Students will then use these proposals as a basis for designs of housing types that can accommodate residents and visitors while bringing the qualities of temporary use architecture into a more permanent setting.

Students will investigate the ideas of the studio through research into housing that is typically seen as temporary, moveable or non-permanent. The materialisation of these ideas will be achieved through multiple methods and scales including large-scale mapping, site observation and documentation through drawing and photography as well as the development of construction details and physical models.

This studio will include a compulsory multiple day field trip to Phillip Island to walk parts of the proposed trail and explore the surrounding environment. It will involve a combination of
group and individual work.