A Marvelous Order: Shrine to Sea

Bachelor of Architectural Design
Semester 1, 2021

Studio leader(s)

  • Phil Burns
    Architecture architecture
  • Jacqui O'Brien
    Placement Studio

TL;DR - The surrealist game of the Exquisite Corpse involves a 'blind collaboration' of parties or authors, each drawing part of the whole while only being privy to the very immediate 'context'. Similarly, in the children's television show Mr Squiggle, viewers would send in their 'Squiggles' - incomplete, abstract drawings - that the protagonist, Mr Squiggle, would then 'complete' - creating a legible scene. The architectural version of this will be creating outcomes from the combination, juxtaposition, or adjacency of charettes made in earlier exercises.

'A Marvelous Order' is the name of an Opera created around 'the battle between Robert Moses, the Master Builder, and Jane Jacobs, the self-taught oracle of unparalleled urban insight, over the fate of New York City.' Similarly, our studio this semester involves the narrative of and interactions between architectural 'characters' along our urban testbed - The 'Shrine To Sea' Boulevard Project from Kings Domain to Albert Park Beach.

Research collected by students will form collaborative, whole-class site documents. We will share, mix and build on individual and group exercises to form a series of considered site strategies, building speculative proposals for the site as a collective.

We will work on a number of small esquisses based on site research, narrative devices and programmatic precedents. Abstract processes of artistic drawing and making, architectural model making, architectural drawing, and 3D modelling will produce and locate architectural 'characters' along the linear site 'narrative'. An 'Exquisite Corpse' or 'Mr Squiggle' of sorts will form these exercises into a number of cohesive, master-planned proposals.

The ultimate outcome of the studio will be a number of heavily collaborative, widely 'versioned' and highly speculative urban-architectural outcomes of recreation, congregation, observation and contemplation - along the proposed Boulevard.

Site Visit TBC in Weeks 1/2 (via Public Transport)