Master of Architecture
Semester 1, 2021

Studio leader(s)



  1. a person who is in charge of maintaining a building, estate, etc.
  2. a person or group who temporarily performs the duties of an office
  3. a person who takes care of another


  1. involving the temporary performance of the duties of an office
  2. holding power temporarily; interim

Recruiting enthusiastic caretakers for a capital city with post-COVID vacancy, an interim planning scheme, no city wide strategic planning department and empty blocks with shelved development plans. The successful applicants will devise temporary and semi-permanent propositions for sites across the Hobart CBD and will bring an interest in exploring care based agendas. Prospective candidates might bring an interest in housing, playspace, community amenities and healthcare or compelling alternatives. Duties will include contextual research, mapping, precedent analysis, rule making, rule breaking, architectural and urban speculation, critical reflection and peer review.