Media House

Master of Architecture
Semester 1, 2021

Studio leader(s)

Concepts for future living & future practice

Discourse around the modern house is fundamentally linked to a commercialisation of domestic life. Speculations about the condition of the house are..speculations on cultural life in general. It is clear that architects of this century have always engaged in an interdisciplinary discourse that uses media to blur the line between high and low culture, art and commerce, and the house is their polemical vehicle.

Beatriz Colomina

This studio will explore the influence of contemporary digital media and technology on future living, and speculate on a new domestic landscape. The Sharing Economy is rapidly and surreptitiously transforming our society. Digital Platforms are changing the way we live, how and where we work, what we want or need to own, and how much space we require — with fundamental implications for the built environment. In its short lifespan, the Sharing Economy has brought about a paradigm shift by leveraging digital networks to optimise latent resources like homes, cars and people. This has already wrought significant impacts on the built environment, facilitating on-demand access to space, new kinds of shared living and work arrangements, and new spatial models to support these practices and behaviours. Moreover, digital platforms are changing the ways in which buildings can be financed, procured, constructed, and provide opportunities for rethinking rent and ownership structures. With peer-to-peer platforms “gradually becoming the general conditions of work...and society” (Kostakis & Bauwens), this also raises fundamental questions for the practice of architecture: the tools and technologies we use to design, what we design and how we do it.

We will explore these questions through the lens of the house at the scale of the room (furniture), the home (structure) and the network (infrastructure). The studio will suit students interested in the relationship between architecture, culture, politics and technology. Since we are discussing digital forms of sharing, you must come willing to collaborate, share, debate and experiment with new possibilities for practice, technology, representation and ideas. Fittingly, this studio is entirely digital. It will run twice per week, alternating between workshop sessions and virtual pin up discussions. The studio will hold an introductory session in Week 2, and we will meet from Week 5 onwards. Expect group work, as well as group discussion, provocative readings, speculative precedents and regular input from experts working within this space. Be ready to challenge your assumptions about the future of Architecture.